• our lashes can be worn 25+ times if cleaned after usage and properly stored within the provided magnetic case to maintain the band shape.

  • When applying lashes, be sure to gently remove them from the tray within your magnetic case. 

  • compare the length of the lash to your natural lash line and trim accordingly from the outer corner to receive the best look and fit. 

  • when removing lashes, be sure to clean excess glue off the lashes before storing them in the case.

  • should you use our 2-in-1 glue pen (highly recommend) and irritation occurs, we do recommend discontinuing use, as we recommend with any product that is not working for you. 

Lip Gloss + Lip care

  • our lip gloss is hand-crafted and has oils added to the base for the nourishment of your lips. with that, we don't recommend leaving glosses in the car or directly in the sunlight to avoid any color variation. 

  • Should any color variation occur (with clear glosses, specifically) -- Please know, they're still good and will continue to apply clear.

  • when applying lip gloss, we recommend wand tubes for a more precise and sheer application. For a more pigmented application, we recommend squeeze tubes. However, using an additional brush helps to build or sheer gloss colors. 

  • be sure not to exfoliate lips more than three times per week as additional exfoliation of this sensitive skin can lead to irritation.

  • try not to use the product on dry lips. use a bit of water to dampen lips before use to avoid irritation and the removal of too much skin.