Coded Care Lip Set
  • Coded Care Lip Set


    Don't worry, we've created a set for you to grab your lip scrub + lip balm together for one easy purchase! Included in this set is a 10mL lip balm jar and 7mL lip scrub, both strawberry shortcake scented. 


    Additional instructions and care tips are included with every set order, as well, for assistance and support. 


    Ingredients (Lip Scrub): Sugar. Castor Oil. Vitamin E. Flavoring Oil. Red 27. 


    Ingredients (Lip Balm): Coconut Oil. Beeswax. Sweet Almond Oil. Avocado Oil. Castor Oil. Vitamin E. Flavoring Oil. 

    Join the crew, cutie!

    "Do you have the code?"

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