how to extend lash life

The best part about investing into the lashes you decide to purchase, is that you can reuse them multiple times before it’s time for a new pair. How long you’re able to keep your lashes is directly dependent on how you take care of them.

1. Clean off excess glue – Once you take the lashes off for the day or after your event, take the left over glue off of the band. Buildup of the adhesive on the band of the lash can lead to your lash weakening and eventually falling apart. It’s also harder for your lash to maintain its shape.

2. Clean your lashes – Every now and then, clean your lashes. There are many lash cleansers you can find that will safely get rid of any excess glue, dirt, etc. that may have come while wearing the lashes.

3. Store lashes properly – After every wear, it is recommended that you store your lashes in the magnetic case and tray that they came with. This helps to protect from dirt and debris and helps to maintain the shape of the lash.

4. Brush your lashes – Just like with lash extensions, it’s important to use a spoolie to brush out your lashes. I typically recommend brushing them out when I’m about to put them on and when I’m putting them away.

5. Use mascara sparingly – I’m all about added some extra mascara to blend my lashes with the falsies, but try to use it sparingly to avoid having a buildup.