How to apply lashes

Applying lashes is probably the only part of my makeup routine that makes me cry, but once I got into a pattern it became so much easier to do.

Both methods provided calls for a pair of lashes, a lash applicator, and adhesive.


Tools: Lashes, Lash Applicator, 2-In-1 Liner Pen

With this method, applying lashes takes seconds, literally.

First, you’re going to line your lash line with the 2-in-1 Liner Pen. After that, you’re going to take the lashes and apply them right on that line you added. That’s basically it! To make sure the line is where you want it, definitely recommend getting as close to your natural lash line as possible.


Tools: Lashes, Lash Applicator, Lash Adhesive

This method is a bit messier, but gets the job done. Definitely recommended for people who have a history or familiarity with applying lashes.

Using your favorite adhesive (mine is Duo), you’re going to add it to the band of your lashes. From there, you’re going to wait for the lash glue to get tacky. Once it’s tacky, you will apply the lash to your lash line. When using this method, we recommend getting a mirror and looking down while applying. Make things a bit easier and you can see where they’re being applied. Again, do one lash at a time so the glue doesn’t dry completely.


• Trim your lashes to fit your eye! What makes or breaks your lash look is if they fit properly. Before adding your adhesive, whether that’s the pen or a different glue, put them on your eye and determine if they need to be trimmed. If so, trim them from the outer corner first.

• Hold your mirror down. When you’re putting your lashes on, looking down lets you apply the lash right on top and it’s less difficult than looking directly in a mirror and applying the lashes straight on.

• Make sure the inner and outer corner sticks. Nothing annoys me more than thinking everything is good to go and then I see the inner corner of my lash lifting. When you apply your lash, put it on from the middle and then take your applicator or fingers and focus on the inner and outer corners.