Hey, everyone! 


​I'm Demaia (Dee for short). First and foremost, I want to thank you so much for visiting my site and looking at my products! I'm 23 years old and a fashion, beauty, and lifestyle blogger on my site www.thedeecole.com

I started Deecoded Cosmetics to create ultimately what I wanted. Affordable, yet high-quality products. A range that everyone can enjoy. I'm experiencing what I'd consider being the biggest change in my life. Working full time, in grad school, while trying to master being a young adult. My style and aesthetics are changing and becoming more mature, so I wanted to create what I didn't see which was products that surround that. Providing the luxury experience for the bosses who really get to the bag.  Struggling with my confidence early in life, I found it imperative to build confidence. I was able to build mine and my goal is to help others build theirs by using products that make you look and feel good.

because you're that one, never two. 


I created Deecoded Cosmetics to create a luxury brand of well-represented cosmetics. respectfully, this isn't a brand for everyone. it's for the bosses. those who love sleek and luxe items that'll fit right in with their current routine or become their new staple. it's for those who are winning, no matter what that looks like for you. those who love seeing others win and are getting to a bag.


the goal is to make sure my customers have an experience from the time their order is placed, to delivery, and the repurchase. Thank you for checking out the site and I hope you love everything!